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beta 2.0 - skip program function not working

May 21 at 11:58 PM
Edited May 22 at 3:39 AM
I set the firewall to block and alert on all outgoing connections.
I used the skip program function and continue to see prompts from same program.
The program was for APC UPS monitoring (Powerchute Business Edition Server).
Same for Host Process for Windows Services.
I stopped using WFN at that point because repeated prompts for same program is the problem I've had since the start.
I thought when I clicked ALLOW that I was adding a rule for the alerting program. I see lots of allowed programs in the Firewall Rules. I'm confused as to the difference between allowing and skipping.
May 23 at 10:23 PM
Allow - allow program to connect internet, no more prompts.
Block - block program from connecting internet, no more prompts.
Skip - take no action (leave default blocking and notification on). If program is repeatedly trying to connect or is restarted you will be prompted again.