Can't authorize torrent-client for all outbounds prompts

Tinywall permits a software exception which can be add as "service" "path .exe" or "ip". WFN blocking all outbounds not only hasn't that manual option but also calls a popup for every IP that conne...

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Unable to allow skype app (metro)

Running Win10 14393.969 with WFN 2.0 A12 and having a relatively minor issue, but I expect it should be seen by others. Which is for now I'm not able to have the firewall allowing the skype app, t...

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100s of duplicate processes

in WFN 2.0.6280.24566

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Ran fine at First, Now it doesn't

I did a fresh install of my Windows 10 Pro. I downloaded WFN 2.0 Alpha 11 and added to a WFN folder inside documents folder. When I run it the first time as Administrator, it opened fine and change...

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Thread spam

I'm several having issues with both the old and new versions. How I run WFN: Disable both incoming and outgoing, then notify for both. Windows 7, SP1 Tested with versions 1.7.0 and 2.0 Alpha 11 i...

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Non TCP/UDP protocols seems to be unsupported

Testing 2.0 Alpha 10, and activiating Block and Prompt for Inbound and Outbound, testing a Ping against the internet, the WFN pop-up shows the protocol as unknown.

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Notifications from other Firewall

While testing WFN i had problems with the notifications displayed by WFN (grabbed from WindowsEventLog) but generated by another WindowsFirewall using also the BaseFilteringEngine BFE (commercial W...

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Failed to write to log file.

When I get a bunch of alerts at once, I get the following error: Failed to write to log file. Please make sure the log file is not in use by another program. I'm guessing prompts need to be taugh...

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Allow one range, block another

I'd like to allow Windows Explorer to connect to, but block "everywhere" else. I set up 3 rules, all identical except for the IP ranges: 1 - - 2 - 192.168.0...

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Windows 10 bash - pico - timeout

So, I have decided to play around with bash that became the part of Windows 10 millennium update. I basically wanted to install gcc. But whenever i run any command WFN informs me that Pico is tryin...

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