100s of duplicate processes


in WFN 2.0.6280.24566

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DanielPharos wrote Mar 15 at 6:22 PM

This happens when Notifier crashes, but then you'd also see a lot of wer*.exe's. The only other case I'm aware of is when a program tries to open hundreds of connections, even though they're being blocked. Try to figure out what program is doing that, and create an allow or block rule for it manually.

rotorb wrote Mar 15 at 7:59 PM

Thanks for the fast response! It appears to be "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamViewer\TeamViewer.exe"

I looked through every tab and can't find any way to create an allow rule manually. I also couldn't find any documentation online. Than

DanielPharos wrote Mar 16 at 5:59 PM

topher217 wrote Mar 30 at 9:29 AM

First off thank you for this software. Its a really useful tool!

I wanted to chime in and note that I also experienced this same situation a few times with the recent update and one time it even caused my system to crash. Its also very difficult to escape this situation once it starts to snowball; I am unable to stop all the processes manually within the Task Manager before my memory fills up and the system crashes.

Is there a way to contain all requests within a single process for future developments or does that seem impossible for some reason? Maybe a temporary fix would be to add a max limit of 20 processes or something , generate a message box warning of the situation, at which point block all connections until the issue is resolved. This would at least keep the system from crashing and allow the user to close all processes and make the manual firewall entry prior to the memory leak snowballing.

Let me know if you need any further details.