Important note
While I hate having to write this, I am seeking for some funds to help me work on personal projects. I promised I'll keep WFN free for everyone, and I will, but if each of those who downloaded this soft gave as little as 1$, it would have been really helpful, as you can guess. Of course I am not forcing anyone and I know many people who need the exact same dollar to survive, but I have to give it a try.
If you feel generous, you can head to PayPal.
Thank you, and sorry for this message!

2015.05.08 UPDATE
Thanks to everyone who contributed and donated!!! I'm really glad to see many users support the project and as I said many times, this is the greatest motivation!
I was not able to answer to all of you, and while I sincerely apologize I did not; there is a simple reason behind that: version 2 is on the way!, with a complete rewrite in WPF (while keeping almost the same layout, but with some UI tweaks here and there), cleaner code, and a brand new real-time per-application bandwidth monitor (sure you'll like this feature!). A beta should be available next week or the week after, the monitoring part is not that easy to implement so I'm not done with it yet.
Stay in touch!


Project Description

Windows Firewall Notifier (WFN) extends the default Windows embedded firewall behavior, allowing to visualize and handle incoming or outgoing connections.

I finally decided to give the code to the community (as many people asked me too, and since I do not have that much free time to keep working on it).
Enjoy ;-)


WFN requires Windows Vista or later (Windows 7, Windows 8).
Please do not ask for a Windows XP version, since WFN relies on features introduced with Vista, it would require too much work. Well, now that it is open source, maybe someone will port it but keep in mind there are great alternative out there.


Download it, unzip it, launch it using Console.exe and you'll see ;-)
This application only uses existing Windows features, enabling some of them when first launched:
  • Enables the Windows embedded firewall
  • Sets the firewall to block both inbound and outbound connections for which no rule exists
  • Enables the default Windows firewall inbound connection notification
  • Enables the Windows firewall outbound connections logging (disabled by default)
  • Creates a scheduled task linked to the Windows firewall event log entries, allowing Windows Firewall Notifier to be launched when needed only


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