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System blocked throughout boot process

Aug 16, 2014 at 6:32 PM
can, please, somebody explain to me what this message in syslog (Security, outbound network connection) means? Does this need any action?
Thank you very much
Die Windows-Filterplattform hat eine Verbindung blockiert. (The Windows-Firewall has blocked a connection.)

    Prozess-ID:     4
    Anwendungsname: System

    Richtung:       Ausgehend (outbound)
    Quelladresse:       fe80::39a5:cf1e:f571:bd69 (local address)
    Quellanschluss:     143 (local port)
    Zieladresse:    ff02::16 (target address)
    Zielanschluss:      0 (target port)
    Protokoll:      58

    Laufzeit-ID des Filters:    68551
    Ebenename:      Verbinden
    Laufzeit-ID der Ebene:  50